NMI Permaculture Design Course 2018

The Permaculture Design Certificate course is a 72+ hour training experience. Students who complete the full curriculum are recognized internationally as Certified Permaculture Designers.

The course covers sustainable living systems for a wide variety of landscapes and climates. It includes the application of permaculture principles to food production, home design & construction, energy conservation and generation, and explores the social and economic structures that support a culture that cares for the planet and all its inhabitants.

Course Dates

Sunday July 8th – Friday July 20th
(Expect very full days)

Course Location

Traverse City, Michigan
Classroom Space: TBD

Course Price

Deposit to Reserve a Seat: $250
Early Bird (Before 4-1-18): $990
Full Price: $1250

In this course, you will learn to see, consider, analyze and design productive landscapes from balconies to large farms and towns. Permaculture uses low technology and high science and the PDC remains solidly based in those tangibles.

This 72-hour course will be taught by professional, certified permaculture educators and permaculture designers, giving students the international qualification presently known as Permaculture Consultant’s Design Course certificate.

A collaborative, certified teaching team will consist of Rhonda Baird, Penny Krebiehl, Levi Meeuwenberg and other local, regional permaculture designers and practitioners.

TC PDC 2018 Teaching Team
Rhonda Baird grew up gardening and foraging in Indiana. She is passionate about redirecting efforts from extractive practices toward skills that foster resilience and nurture life. To that end, she engaged in community organizing and non-profit work for 20 years, and came to teaching permaculture design in 2005. She co-originated the Bloomington Permaculture Guild, the Great Rivers & Lakes Permaculture Institute, and supports the Center for Sustainable Living as a permaculture resource for Bloomington, Indiana. She sits on the Diploma Committee for PINA, and is an associate editor for Permaculture Design magazine (formerly Permaculture Activist). She maintains a design practice through Sheltering Hills Design.
Penny Krebiehl has been sharing/educating through permaculture design since 2005, and is a graphic-recorder for courses and presentations, through the Mid-west & USA. Penny is a life-long Michigan garden-farmer, woods-wanderer, and arts educator. She is the founder of Northern Michigan Permaculture, a Certified Permaculture Designer and Instructor, Board Member of Great Rivers and Lakes Permaculture Institute, and Member/Beginning Grower, of the Bionutrient Food Association. As the originator of O’k CSA Cooperative, building a neighborhood, community gardening system in Traverse City, since 2004, she continues to serve the community/region. Penny’s work is focused through Northern Michigan PermacultureO’k Art & Design and the educational non-profit, Little Artshram, in Northern MI.
Levi Meeuwenberg created and runs the permaculture farm, Realeyes Homestead where he is raising pastured hogs fed on organic food waste from town, and is restoring the pasture ecology with rotational grazing, cover crops, compost, and tree crops. He was a founding member of the Edible Trails Project which plants and maintains public Edible Forest Gardens in the Traverse City region. He has taught permaculture to public school K-12 students while working for the non-profit SEEDS. He has trained under Dave Jacke, Peter Bane, Keith Johnson, Geoff Lawton and many more.

Course Sections Include:

  • Introductions and a Vision of Permaculture in Succession
  • Beginning Permaculture
  • Ecological Themes
  • Designing Productive Landscapes
  • Increasing Resilience
  • Social Permaculture


Students in the 2016 NMI PDC celebrating their new book delivery, “The Permaculture City” by Toby Hemenway

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