Presenter: Levi Meeuwenberg of Realeyes Homestead
Cost: FREE with suggested donation of $10-$20
Date: Sunday, May 21st at 12:30pm – 2pm
Where: Higher Self Bookstore on Front St. in Traverse City, MI


This introduction to Permaculture will provide you with an overview of what Permaculture is, why we practice it, and how we all benefit by applying it in our lives. Permaculture is not just for farmers or folks who own and manage land. It’s for anyone who cares about their heath, and the health of our living world.

Permaculture is a movement, a design science, and a life philosophy. Our aim is to create a world in which human civilization exists in a harmonious and beneficial relationship with the rest of the living natural world. This is achieved by observation of natures systems and patterns, the discoveries of modern sciences like biology and ecology, as well as the traditions of ancient cultures. The lessons gained from this study are then applied in our everyday lives, our local communities, and surrounding landscapes. The end result is a culture of wholeness that appreciates and nurtures the intimately connected web of relationships that we are embedded in.

Topics Outline:
  • What is Permaculture
  • Philosophical Context (Metaphysics, Epistemology, Axiology)
  • Whole Systems Thinking/Design
  • Our Historical Context
  • Horticultural vs. Agricultural Civilizations
  • Pattern of Desertification
  • Climate Change
  • The Myth of Progress
  • Story of Self – People – Cosmos
  • Future Trajectories
  • Case Study – Realeyes Homestead
  • Case Study – Loess Plateau, China
  • How to Get Started
  • Further Resources for Study/Upcoming Events
  • Concluding Thoughts
  • Q/A

**No need to register, just show up!

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