Annual & Perennial Plant Polyculture @ DIGs Garden-farm

Making your Bountiful Garden a Plant Polyculture is a Spring Class, 4 weeks in length (March 22- April 19th, skipping one week) of hands-on learning; demonstrations and sharing tips on how to make your garden, over time, grow an abundance of annual and perennial food.

With a little permaculture planning and design you can create a series of polyculture “patch” gardens that together create an incredible garden-farm that is brimming with resilience, diversity, and saving you time watering, weeding, and dealing with pests.

Much information and many examples will be shared: Annual and perennial food plants, perennial support plants, minimal competition and maximum cooperation, and how each plant/shrub/tree species are adapted to it’s little patch/niche.

Class size limited, to 9-13 people

4 Wednesdays: March 22 – April 19th, Skipping one week for those away on Spring Break)
Register in Advance–email
Location: Traverse City, Michigan

Fee $100.00 or
$50/and a Gift Exchange/Barter

Presented by permaculture educator and O’k CSA garden-farmer
penny Krebiehl

Co-hosted by Little Artshram

To register contact:

Annual & Perennial Plants @ Realeyes Homestead


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